The teaching at Accent Français is based on personalized support for each student.
Our pedagogical tools allow each student to reach his or her objectives and to reach the target level of French.

At Accent Français, classes are organized by level

Courses start every week (except for beginners), all year round and for the duration of your choice. Our classes are organized by level Based on the results of your placement test and your oral interview, you will be placed in a class that corresponds to your level and your goals.

  • A1 Beginner 10 weeks
  • A2 Elementary 10 weeks
  • B1 Intermediate 10 weeks
  • B2 Intermediate + 10 weeks

  • C1 Advanced 20 weeks

If you feel that a level is too easy or too difficult, if you are progressing faster or if you wish to repeat a level, we are here to listen to you and our counselor will work with you to find a solution so that you can change classes the following week. 

progress guaranteed

The path is structured, your progress is guaranteed

  • Before arrival     Online written test to guarantee your pre-placement in the group corresponding to your level..

  • Upon arrival at Accent Français:  Oral interview to confirm your placement in the appropriate level.

  • Each week: 
    • Every Monday, the teacher will provide you with your course program and learning targets for the week.
    • The teacher provides you with regular exercises to practice after class.
    • The teacher evaluates the 5 skills every week.
    • The teacher communicates your results and offers you a correction and personalized advice via an application on your smartphone.

  • At the end of the program:  :
    • An online level test allows you to evaluate your progress
    • You receive a certificate attesting to the completion of your training: it includes your level of French (European reference framework), the dates and duration of your training.

At the end of your program, you can also take an official exam: TCF, DFP, DELF DALF

A stimulating and effective teaching approach

Teachers at Accent Français

– Our teachers all have a degree of Master 1 or Master 2 in teaching French to foreigners
– They have a very good knowledge of French culture and civilization
– Most of our teachers have experience teaching French abroad and have a good understanding of different cultures.

​​​​​​​ You can trust them to help you reach your goals in a cheerful and positive way!

A stimulating and effective teaching approach

  • Each day, you work on the 5 skills of the CEFR grid (Written and Oral Comprehension, Written Expression, Oral Expression and Interaction) 
  • The courses are varied and interactive, they integrate cultural aspects related to your life in France, to current events in France and even to your cultural activities at school.
  • The study of vocabulary and grammar, the discovery of new expressions and the structure of the language are applied every day with concrete examples that can be used in everyday life.
  • All working documents are provided by the teacher (textbooks and specialized methods, newspaper articles, literary extracts, websites, songs, games, dialogues, advertisements, surveys,...). 

  • All working documents are provided by the teacher (textbooks and specialized methods, newspaper articles, literary excerpts, Internet sites, songs, games, dialogues, advertisements, reports...) 
  • A weekly evaluation (a project, a question or an exercise) to check the knowledge acquired during the week.
    An evaluation at the end of the level, to check your skills in the general level

Classes in small groups

  • Groups of 12 students maximum for optimal learning, to guarantee the participation of each student and for a personalized follow-up.
Modern facilities: 

Our technological resources and our related services are FREE of charge 

Modern facilities: 

- Our premises are air-conditioned; our classrooms are equipped with computers, tablets and interactive boards.
- Authentic and regularly updated video and audio materials are used in class.
- Accent Français offers each student the opportunity to download a free Smartphone application: it allows you to stay in touch with the class and with your teacher. You will receive: your work documents, homework assignments, the results of your evaluations, personalized advice from the teacher as well as the program and the course schedule each week.

In order to accelerate your learning of the French language, we offer you unlimited access to:

- Our online learning platform to practice independently, before, during and even after your stay in Montpellier!
- Our resource center to read, listen and speak French 
- Tutoring with a French teacher available to answer your questions, to help you consolidate your knowledge or to deepen your knowledge of the French language.
- Monthly cultural and administrative tutorials to find activities, to organize your installation in France or to help you in your student life. 

**** Prepare your smartphones and computers  ****

They are very welcome in our French classes, our team uses them regularly for educational activities...