« The best moment to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best moment is now » Chinese proverb

Dear all!

20 years ago, 2 young women with 2 different characters, 2 complementary skills and who did not know each other decided to start a professional adventure at the service of French for foreigners.

The best professors, the best associates, the best partners decide to join the adventure and share with you 20 years of complicity, shared and received courses, shared knowledge, unforgettable meetings, small obstacles, huge victories, 20 years of friendship around the world and a friend for life: the sun of Montpellier.

Together we have studied, taught and learned to teach.

Together we have passed exams, written poems, learned songs, made movies and so many more memories! 

Together we have evolved!

The French heritage, family life with your hosts, literary gatherings and French cultural life, but also 20 years during which you have danced in your classes and in the streets of Montpellier, sang on boats, walked with Jean-Paul, pedalled to the sea, cooked with Chef Armand and enjoyed the sweet light of our Mediterranean sea.

What makes us most proud today and motivates us since the first class in 1998, is seeing everyone fulfilled, sometimes transformed but most of all achieving the challenge of promoting diversity by respecting all differences. You have made our most ambitious dreams since our 20s come true. 

This birthday is yours before all and we have many surprises in store for you that we will gradually reveal during the upcoming months.

…To start off, we will go back on 20 years of common history and some of our best memories. We look forward to your pictures, your memories, and your best moments!  You will soon find them published on social network.

We have had millions of ideas to satisfy you and to blow our candles together! Contests where you can win hundreds of weeks, prizes, discounts, games, photos, events, and even sports!! Yes, sports!! Shush…it’s a surprise J Stay tuned every week on Accent Français’s websites !!

Nest July will be the grand finale of this year. To celebrate this anniversary, as it should be done, we will gather students, teachers, partners and all those who have helped Accent Français to become this beautiful 20-year-old young school. 

- Accent Français Team -