Find accommodation in Montpellier

Finding accommodation in Montpellier  

Finding the right accommodation is essential to enjoying your stay in Montpellier. If you are not going to stay in a student residence or host family, and you want to find a shared apartment, here are a few tips to make life a bit easier.

If you are coming for a long trip of a few months and are going to book something before your arrival, I would recommend booking for the minimum amount of time so you can prolong the stay if you like it when you get there. When I arrived in Montpellier a few months ago to at the beginning of my internship with Accent Français French language school, the flatshare I was in was not what I was looking for. However, because I had only booked to stay for a few weeks I began my search right away. The good news is it is not too difficult to find a new flatshare in Montpellier. There will be some links below to some websites I found useful.

There are websites and Facebook groups you can join which advertise rooms in ‘colocations’. They are constantly updated so it is best to keep checking. Most places organize viewings, which is a good opportunity to view the apartment first and to meet your potential new flatmates.

Expect to pay around 400€ for a room in a flatshare, with cheaper options further outside of the city center and more expensive within the historic center. This is actually about 15% cheaper than Lyon and 50% less than Paris for a one-bedroom apartment! Whatever your budget, it is not too difficult to find an apartment in Montpellier as especially during peak seasons in September and Christmas there are always new apartments being put on the market.


  • La Carte des Colocs :
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