What to do in october in Montpellier ?

The staff at Accent Français shares its recommendations for a great October in Montpellier . . . 

All of our recommended activities are accessible by Montpellier’s public transportation network

And don’t forget the beach, which is easily accessible without a car

Isabelle, Marketing and activities assistant

 Personally, I love going to the open-air market at Castelnau-le-Lez on Saturday morning where I buy Catalan style olives and tapenade. 

Afterwards, I stop by Dolia, a wine bar where I can enjoy a glass of wine.   http://www.ladolia.com

Marie, Sales Representative

In October, I’d like to go to the International Guitar Festival.  It sounds fantastic!  http://www.les-ig.com

In October, I like settling down under a comfy quilt to watch episodes of Narcos while eating chocolate (90% cocoa content so I don’t put on weight . . .)

In October, I like to go to the swimming pool at Antigone. 


Claire, Permanent teacher and resource center coordinator

On Saturday mornings, I like to go to the Tastavin outdoor market  (tram 2 Mas Drevon stop)

Or I go for a hike


Virginie, General Director

When autumn rolls around, I treat myself to a massage at HIPPOCRATE spa, which is quite near the school.  It’s got a relaxed atmosphere and the staff welcomes you with herbal tea and a massage adapted to your personality and mood.    http://www.massages-montpellier.net/

My regular activity is Iyengar yoga at the Arjuna Shala yogo studio.  They’ve got all kinds of yoga and 4 or 5 Iyengar classes with great teachers.  The studio is located in the street just behind Accent Français!


And I simply can’t resist the Tunisian fritters at Palavas !  Les Délices de Tunis, 3 Avenue Maréchal Joffre, 34250 Palavas-les-Flots – After a good walk or jog along the beach, it’s my little treat on Sunday. . . .

My Salsa Bachata evenings are Monday and Friday at Oliver Pub in Lattes.  It’s easier to get there with a car because the tram stop is a bit far (tram 3 Boirargues stop) http://www.theoliverpub.com/

Florence, General Director

Every Sunday morning, I go to the outdoor market in Lattes.  I really like this place on a Sunday because it’s outside of Montpellier’s city center.  You can easily get there with the tram or even by bike!

You can find everything there:  fruits, vegetables, organic produce, clothes, baskets, wine, delicious specialties to eat right away or to take away if you’re going to walk to the beach.

In October, you can find mushrooms, colorful squash and gourds, try any number of cheeses that you haven’t eaten all summer and bite into a juicy apple . . . it’s an experience that I really recommend:

- Open until 1 p.m. 

- Tram line 3 Lattes centre stop

Carol,  Coordinator of American Programs

In October, the Cinemed film festival is your best bet!


Maria, Sales Representative

As for me, I like hiking and taking advantage of the beautiful countryside in the South of France. 

My favorite hike is the cirque de Navacelles.  It’s a spectacular natural site.


Delphine, Pedagogy Advisor

I love to go shopping with my friends: http://www.leguidemontpellier.com/montpellier/commerces.php

Strolling along the small streets in the city center, stopping off at a sidewalk café on a quiet square like the place de la Canourgue, sipping a coffee while reading a book I’ve just bought at Sauramps … http://www.sauramps.com/catalogsearch/result/?product_type=&q=Montpellier

Stéphanie, Sales Manager

Running is my thing !  Along the banks of the Lez (great for bikes as well)

 at the Domaine de Méric


or the Parc Montcalm


the Lac du Crès


and of course at the beach !!!

But also the outdoor track at Philippidès stadium (great to make friends)


Urban running community: Night Run Montpellier


 and Decathlon Odysseum Running

https://www.facebook.com/groups/625481404275929/  organizes free runs on Tuesday and Thursday for those who want to get motivated with others. 

And my little secret: La Maison de la Nature in Lattes with paths to the beach by bike, rollerblade, walking or running . . .  


Accent Français wishes you a beautiful autumn in Montpellier