Happy New Year and best wishes - In French!

The year 2020 has begun, have you thought about the message you are going to send to those around you? In this article, you will find ideas to change the traditional "Happy and Healthy New Year", to give way to original New Year's greetings! Surprise your loved ones with these classic or crazy ideas. You will be able to change them as you wish, to make your New Year's greetings in your own image!

New Year's greetings for colleagues

Wishing a Happy New Year is not just for family and friends. Colleagues at work are also entitled to a little intention on your part:

"May this year bring you happiness and success,
Success in your projects,
The fulfillment of your dreams.
Happy New Year! »

"And wham! Right into the 2020s!
I wish you to reach your goals.
Happy New Year! »

Happy New Year wishes for the family
For all those who are miles away from you, and whom you haven't had the opportunity to see at the end of the year... Or simply to wish a Happy New Year to your whole family with a greeting card made by you. Send them happiness and joy by selecting your most beautiful photos and writing nice messages!

"In a year, every moment counts, so I wish you :

1 year of Joy

12 months of Pleasure

52 weeks of Wellness

365 Days of Luck

8,760 hours of Success

525,600 minutes of Love

That's 31,536,000 seconds of happiness!

An excellent year! »

"Like an eternal renewal,
This year ends to make way for
To a blank page that I wish you
To fulfill the most beautiful promises..."

Happy New Year wishes for her half

Your spouse also has the right to your 2020 vows, what do you think? We often wish it out loud, but that doesn't mean a greeting card isn't welcome. If your significant other is away from you at this time of year, or if you just want to send him or her some kind words to remind him or her that he or she means something to you, go crazy!

"My love, in the year 2020,
My hands will applaud your exploits
My eyes will devour you with their gaze
My cheeks will blush with joy
My lips will brush yours
My heart will beat for you.
I love you! I love you! »

"My darling, My darling,
I've come to wish you the sweetest New Year.
May 2020 bring you everything you can dream of.
Always at your side I will be,
To support and love you.
Happy New Year. »

Happy New Year to your friends
Whether it's your best friend or anyone else you care about, giving them a personalized greeting card that you've made yourself is a nice gesture. Need some inspiration for your message? Dare the humor card for your New Year's greetings:

"What can I wish you for the New Year?
A better life? It is already so beautiful...
Love? You are well surrounded
Super health? You're in great shape!
Friends for life? Everybody loves you.
So, the only thing I can wish for...
It's that you're still going strong!
Happy New Year my friend! »

"Let your imagination carry you
in the new year
to a multitude of dreams
that I wish you,
will come true...
However wacky they may be! »

Happy New Year to all

Do you have New Year's greetings to send to people you know little about or rarely see? Be original and keep it simple.

"A zest for success
A hint of the unexpected
A touch of humour
All washed down with happiness and love!
And 2020 will have an unforgettable flavour ...
Best Wishes 2020! »

"Let 2020 be your year,
May happiness be your ally,
Let a smile be your guest,
And may joy brighten your days.
I wish you a beautiful and wonderful year! »

Some inspiring quotes

"There are days, months, endless years when almost nothing happens. There are minutes and seconds that contain a whole world." Jean d'Ormesson...
"Don't try to add years to your life-- try to add life to your years." Jack Kennedy.
"We don't age from year to year, we renew ourselves every day." Emily Dickinson

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