How to learn French easily?

How to learn French easily?

Every Monday, we welcome many students ready to study French. Sometimes, they are complete beginners and have never been to France! But they want to speak French and live in France through an authentic and out-of-box experience. I am always impressed by this motivation to learn a new language and to travel to a country where they don’t speak the language.
Here are all the little tips to succeed in your learning process and maybe even discover who you are!

  • Take French class in France

When learning a new language and being confronted to a new environment, a new country and different traditions, we are immersed in a cultural pool which is preparing our brain to new learning processes.
Yes, it is a big adventure! But French schools offer a precise follow-up for each student, which allows both a contextual learning and a fast application of what has been learned.
So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and do it already!

  • Be more self-confident

The direct consequence of a complete immersion in France is that you have to speak French in the street, in the shops, with friends, with your host, etc. It makes you target specific goals and go beyond your fear or shyness. Many people come to live this experience in a French school in France in order to surpass themselves and see if they can keep on going even in brand new situations.
It is often a revelation that can lead people to take drastic decisions afterwards, like rethinking their lives. It can also simply make people more confident to tackle their first job after finishing their studies.

  • Speak French, oui!

You have to dare speak French, even if you’re not too confident. At first, you might be afraid to be involved in a French conversation, but soon you will have to be understood by your teachers, your host family or simply if you want to have lunch… So you will have to dare and just do it! You will see, French people will perfectly understand you. Sometimes, they’ll even take the time to correct you, so make the most of it!

  • Writing in French: so easy!

There is a wonderful tool to write in French: social networks. During you linguistic stay in France, you’ll be able to tell all your stories on Facebook or your personal blog. It is often just a few sentences that will motivate you to get better. Your French friends, and those you will meet at your French school will be glad to communicate with you and leave some comments.
It is a good way to stay in touch and keep practising your French.

So, have you decided yet if you’re going to make your wish come true and come to France to learn French?