Why learn French in Montpellier?

Montpellier is the first destination in France for French language course right after Paris, it is chosen each year by thousands of foreign students to learn French in France, which makes Montpellier an international city! Here is why :-)

The quality of life in Montpellier is well-known throughout France: the Mediterranean climate, the fluidity of the public transports, the cultural activities, the sportive opportunities… All of these make Montpellier a wonderful place to live in!
The beach is a tramway ride away from the city centre, but you can also take the bike all the way to the seaside. The airport is a 10 minutes bus ride from the centre, and the train station is right in the heart of the transport network!

Choosing Montpellier gives you a first choice cultural and linguistic immersion.
Be it to practice the language for your studies, for work (with Business French), or just for the pleasure of it, be it to prepare the DELF or DALF exam, or to learn how to cook French cuisine, Montpellier offers all the French courses possibilities you can wish for!

In order to have a full linguistic immersion, you will find in Montpellier a varied and complete spectrum of accommodations: host families to practice the language and experience the French lifestyle or studios and apartments for longer stays or simply more independence.

What to do in Montpellier?
There are plenty of sights to see!

  • Our French school, Accent Français, is situated right beside the Place de la Comédie, the largest pedestrian-only place in Europe, with its 19th century opera and the famous fountain “The 3 Graces”, a key meeting point for people living in Montpellier.
  • During the summer, students love to go “Chez Louise” after class, to choose amongst the fifty different flavours of ice cream. And it’s right between the school and the Place de la Comédie! The Place de la Comédie is actually surrounded with restaurants and cafés and the sun always shines on the terraces. There are also pretty little shops and boutiques, bakeries where you can by your very French lunch, or contemplate the millions of different breads and cakes, macaroons, croissants, pains au chocolat and other French specialities. And after class, don’t forget to get lost in the narrow streets of the Saint-Roch neighbourhood, where you will find handmade jewellery shops, designer boutiques and cute cafés. And it’s only a five minute walk from the school!
  • The tourist office is situated between the Place de la Comédie and the Esplanade and very close to the school. Their team will gladly welcome you and unveil all the details about the treasures our city has to offer.
  • The daily market is situated by the tourist office, with fresh fruits and vegetables, clothes, handbags, etc. And if you keep going straight on, you will get to the Polygone: a huge shopping mall with more than 100 boutiques! On the other side, you will find the Esplanade, a large area with fountains surrounded by trees and little bistros. This is where the Estivales take place on every Friday summer night (wine and local products tasting, along with concerts) and the Christmas market during the winter.
  • The Corum is very active and appealing for all sorts of concerts, festivals and others events. There is a roof terrace from where you will have a breath-taking sight of the city. The Rockstore is also very famous for its live concerts and it’s only a few minutes from the school.
  • Montpellier has 4 tramway lines and 36 bus lines along with 51 rental-bike stations all around the city and its suburbs. Take the tramway Ligne 1 to reach the Beaux-Arts neighbourhood where many artists, painters, musicians and students live. There is always a small market in the morning and some live music at night. You can also take the Ligne 3 and stop at “Etang de l’Or”. There, a bus will take you to the beach, where you will find seaside resorts such as Carnon or Palavas. You can enjoy these touristic beaches and their marinas… But if you prefer more natural landscapes, you can take the Ligne 4 to Garcia Lorca and from there, the bus 32 (or rent a bike!) will take you to Villeneuve-Les-Maguelone, one of the most well-protected beaches of the coast, where you can spot and watch pink flamingos and many other protected bird species.

Montpellier, it’s also 300 days of sunshine per year.

Montpellier, the city where the sun never goes down!

Montpellier… is waiting for you :-)