Accent Français is now official partner of Géraldine alias "Comme une Française"

Bonjour à tous !

As you await your next stay in France, the whole Accent Français team would like to introduce you to Géraldine of the famous "Comme une Française", a French language and lifestyle company that’s reached over 130 000 francophiles around the world and been featured by publications such as USA Today and the Sunday Times !

Our friend Géraldine from Grenoble offers online lessons each Tuesday on French culture, slang, food, and more. It’s fun, it’s right on target and at Accent Français, we love it!

With Géraldine, you’ll be able to keep improving your French, stay connected to your time in France, and just feel more French, at your own pace... from home or wherever you are in the world.

Géraldine is offering Accent Français students and alumni her super popular crash course — How To Double Your Frenchness in 10 Days — with a special Accent Français only bonus… for free.

You’ll need to register for How To Double Your Frenchess in 10 Days with this link only (insert link)  to get the Accent Français special video bonus :“5 expressions that make the French smile that only natives know”. It’s from Géraldine’s exclusive, one-time only masterclass here  at Accent Français. You’ll even see some of your favourite Accent Français teachers!

>> Sign up here for the crash course and get your exclusive bonus… for free as special favour from Géraldine to us at Accent Français.  

Bonne journée et à bientôt !

Toute l’équipe d’Accent Français