Online French courses for all!

Every year, we strive to offer new services, new programs and new technologies to the 2,000 students who join our school Accent Français.

In 2018, we went even further by offering you the opportunity to work your French with French lessons online before or after your stay with us!

Prepare your linguistic stay (before your French course in our school), Practice French after your stay in France or Prepare yourself for an official exam of French.
It is now possible! with our partner VIVALING, the best provider of online French courses!

Customized online French courses and a teaching philosophy similar to the one we have been carrying for 20 years at Accent Français! 

Vivaling offers to coach you using video through your tablet, smartphone or computer. The teacher is French of course, and adapts to your schedule depending on the country where you live. You can even choose your favorite coach!

Take advantage of Accent Français promo code and do not miss such a great opportunity to keep on learning French once back home with our online French courses partner VIVALING
Enjoy your new courses online, practice French always and come or come back to us  for immersion French program !!