sport at accent français

Sports in Accent Français 

Whether in Winter or Summer, it is possible to do a wide range of sports in Montpellier. Indoors or outdoors, playing football, basketball or tennis can be a real experience for you to discover your classmates and improve your French language skills.

Come and play sports with us

Accent Français offers you a wide range of activities throughout the year with Jean Paul and Quentin. Jean Paul will make you discover Occitan dances, bike rides, beach outings where you can go beach volleyball, jet skiing, tubing. We also organize outings around Montpellier with canoes all day long.

Our activity program includes football and basketball with Quentin twice a month if you prefer to play with a ball. Our french teachers also have some specialities for the sport : for example Saadia is a Yoga profesor and will show you and explain you how relax your body while speaking in french.

A French + Yoga program is now available (in partnership with Arjuna Shala, Yoga Centre in Montpellier). You can book French lessons and ask which sport you want to practice, there is always an option available!

Ex: French + Aikido, French + Tennis, French...

From French lessons to game stadium

Montpellier is one of the most sporting cities in France. This is why Accent Français has developed over the years, closed relationships with local clubs:

- the rugby club (vice-champion of France in 2011 and 2018) : MHRC,

- Football (French champion in 2012) : MHSC,

- handball (14 French championships, the last in 2011 and 2012) : Montpellier Handball,

- Basketball,

- Water polo,

- Horseback riding,

- Tennis,

- Classical dance/ballet,

- Volleyball....

That is why we also organize events to see games in the different stadiums of Montpellier. Come and ask us if you would like to book a place in one of your favorite team game !

Throughout the year, the city of Montpellier hosts sports events. The best known of these is the FISEMontpellier was a pioneer in offering this free extreme sports event nearby the Lez river. Skateboard, BMX, scooter, wakeboard, Parkour, are all spectacular competitions, to the delight of the public.

Here is a list of sporting events that are taking place in Montpellier:

- Open Sud de France Tennis Tournament,

- Hip Hop Breakdance battle "Battle of The Year",

- Festikite, an event that presents and puts in competition the professionals of Kitesurfing,

- Montpellier Beach Volley Masters,

- Running for the fight against breast cancer "la Montpellier Reine".


On a second hand, Montpellier is becoming an important place for the French E-Sport, thanks to the presence of Ubisoft, the Heroes Place games room and the Virtual Reality Center.

Accent Français is developing the French + E-sport program with several partners, such as Meltdown, a bar specialized in video games. More infos :

In this virtual dynamic, Accent Français offers video game tournaments within the school on Playstation 4.

Come and have fun defeating your classmates and show them your video games skills !

See you soon in Montpellier to move, get active, meet new people and vibrate!