Harriet: Tips and tricks to practice French!

Harriet a former student at Accent Français : best tips to improve your French

1. Try to speak French as much as possible with your friends - only by practicing will you improve your level!

- with my group of friends, we did our best to speak French all the time with other foreign students, even though no one was French in our group !

2. Read French newspapers every day and look for words you do not know.

- Every morning I took the tram to get to school Accent Français and during the trip I used to read the free newspaper "20 Minutes" which you could find at every tram stop. I searched for words that I did not understand in order to expand my vocabulary.

3. Create vocabulary lists on your cell phones so that you can write down unfamiliar words as soon as you hear them.

- I still have my vocabulary list a year after my stay in Montpellier and it helps me a lot! Whenever I come across a word that I do not know, I take note of it so that I do not forget it.

4. Listen to French music - it helps a lot and it's fun too

- During my stay Accent Français  in Montpellier I started listening to a lot of French music. I think that classics like « On va s'aimer" by Gilbert Montagné and "J't'emmène au vent" by Louise Attaque are the easiest to understand. However, there i always a way to find a great Stromae song  nice to listen to and also very easy to understand.

5. Watch movies, or even series, that you like in French.

- Firstly I started watching French movies and series with English subtitles and then I decided to watch them without subtitles to improve my listening level.

6. Read the books in French

- What helped me a lot was to read the French version books that i had read in English in the past.

After her course at Accent Francais, Harriet, British student at Accent Français, has passed the DALF C1 level successfully in March 2017. This is a very high level of French but you could reach it if you study around 1 year and a half in France.

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